Did you know that octopuses are incredibly intelligent creatures? They are known to be problem-solvers and have been observed using tools, such as coconut shells, to hide in and protect themselves. They also have an excellent memory and can even recognize individual humans.

Octopuses are also known for their unique abilities to camouflage and change their color and texture to blend in with their surroundings. This makes them very good at hiding from predators and sneaking up on prey.

As for why children would like the octopus plushie, well, I think it's because octopuses are just so cute and quirky-looking. With their eight legs and big, round heads, they have a very unique and playful appearance that children are drawn to. Plus, they are often associated with the ocean and marine life, which can be fascinating for kids who love animals and nature. And of course, having a soft and cuddly octopus plushie to play with can be a lot of fun!

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